Building a studio from the ground up

There’s a lot involved in building a studio from the ground up. As a projectmanager, I make sure all aspects like acoustics, gear, look & feel, speaker systems, air conditioning, signal flow ect are adressed and alligned with eachother.

Every producer and engineer has his/her specific way of working. This gets “translated” into a technical drawing and a list of equipment, of which all suppliers can generate a quote to make sure the project stays within budget. The “less important” topics like access control, fire detection, internet/LAN and coffee are also adressed to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

During the process of designing the workflow, we anticipate and implement any potential future adjustments and necessities. This could be anything from extra cabling for gear that might be purchased, tielines to rooms that will be built in the future, Audio over IP solutions, expansion to surround or immersive sound formats, …

During every step of the project, there’s a high level of communication with the client and all the suppliers to ensure timing & budget are monitored and kept on track.

Improving and optimizing excisting studio’s.

Nothing is as frustrating as always searching for the cable or adaptor you need, the neverending story of repatching, finding out software is not compatible after an OS update on the day of the deadline. Lots of time is lost with working inefficiently and this causes unnecessary stress. I can help you with solving these issues and taking (some of that) stress away.

Besides this, technology keeps on evolving; which means there’s always a way to improve quality and efficiency.

When rebuilding or optimising a studio, we asess the current working situation in detail and pick out the items that can be improved. We decide on the best solutions and if needed contact suppliers for quotes and extra advice.

In short, I offer technical solutions and workflow optimalisation.