During my time at Galaxy Studios and Wisseloord Studio’s, I had the unique opportunity to learn a lot about studio construction and modification. In March of 2020 I started my own company as a freelance audio consultant. Since then, I’ve been working for Sub Bass Music Group (Davina Michelle), Jaywalker Studio and Wouter Wierda.

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to work with a large variety of personalities, among which (inter)national artists and Grammy Award winning engineers and producers. The network, people and social skills I’ve gained working with them, come in handy on a daily basis.

I joined the Wisseloord team in 2011. At that moment the new business-concept was complete and the renovation of the facility had just started. During the first 1,5 years it was my responsibility to create a technical design for all the studio’s and coördinate the construction process.

When the renovation was completed, my job description turned in to operations management. I was responsible for scheduling and preparation of sessions and the technical maintenance of the studio facilities. Doing that, I was in close contact with artists and engineers/producers, and managing a team of engineers, assistant engineers and interns.

My professional experience started as an assistant engineer in 2001 at Galaxy Studios (Mol, Belgium). Over the years this evolved in facility and operations management. I was closely involved in the (re)construction of several control rooms and the first steps in 3D Audio Technology.

I was the project coordinator for 6 reconstruction projects. During this time I was responsible for the technical design, planning and communication with the contractors. All projects had ample budgets and tight deadlines. With regards to Auro 3D, I was involved in investigating the practicality feasibility of the format & managing the logistics of (inter)national product demonstrations.

During my time at DB Video I was responsible for maintenance of gear and looking for the best facility solutions to be future proof. Together with the posproduction staff, we upgraded the edit-suits with new hard- and software. All of this in close collaboration with the Managing Director to make sure the investments were kept within budget.