How are you managing your backups ? Stack of harddiscs ? Dropbox ? Not ? On-site or off-site ? What if you need access to samples or audio when you’re on tour or not in your own studio. Why would you keep files in the cloud forever when you can safely store offline ?

I’m currently setting up a private secure cloud to serve daily incremental backups. This way you will always have a backup of the work done that day, stored on a 2nd location. Data transfers will be done with an encrypted connection at moments that fit your work schedule. The process will be fully automated to prevent human errors and a log-email will be sent at the end of the backup to confirm everything went well or report any issues.

Next to this, I have an archive system using LTO 8 including media asset management for long-term offline archiving. When projects are finished and released, you want to keep all the files (originals, edits, masters, artwork, …) on one central location, but you don’t need to access them on a daily basis. Storing files on LTO guarantees a long lifespan and safes huge amounts of energy.

Source-files can be delivery on any kind of medium or uploaded to my private cloud. Everything is written to tape twice to have full redundancy. The LTO-tapes are stored in a fire-proof safe and can be stored on an alternate secure location.

Additional services like data destruction (making sure your old harddiscs become unusable before throwing them away), digitising analogue tapes or copying digital tapes and backtracking the existing catalogue are possible as well.

If you’re interested in a personal and safe solution, contact me !